Hearing Impaired Calls

March 2019 Newsletter

Hearing Impaired Calls
Marcella Little will be here to share with you many reason why you should stay in touch on the phone. You’ve used the phone all your life, but hearing loss can make calls difficult. Sprint Cap Tel shows captions of your calls so you can always follow what’s being said. The phone, service and installation are free and it works with your existing home phone service.

Hearing Loss Shouldn't Stop You

Wednesday, March 20th at 11:00

Happening Today

Senior Center Bits

    Update Your Records
    WE CAN’T REACH YOU if our records are not up to date. Maybe you discontinued your landline or have changed your email address, please let NSC know of these changes so we can get in touch with you if we need to. If you aren’t sure that our records are up to date, please stop at the Reception Desk and ask for someone to check. There are change forms available at the front desk if you need to make changes. Thank You!!

    Swim Center Season
    Join the fun and stay cool this summer in the POOL next door. $85.00 for the season for Seniors. The Pool is open till Labor Day Monday. Applications can be found at the City of Seaford website under the Seaford Community Swim Center, at the pool starting May 24th or picked up at NSC’s office.

    Daily Transportation Services
    We provide Daily Transportation for Prescription Refills and Medical Appointments. Please call the center before 8:00 a.m. to be added to each day’s pick-up list. Contact the front desk to make arrangements. 48 hours notice is required for appointments.

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