12 Days of Christmas

November 2023 Newsletter

12 Days of Christmas
Get Ready as we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas at Nanticoke Senior Center with the following on the schedule:
  • Dec.7th, On the 1st day of Christmas, our Center gave to you, "A candy cane to keep you Happy”
  • Dec. 8th, On the 2nd day of Christmas, our Center gave to you, "A special BINGO and some candy kisses because we love you.
  • Dec. 11th, On the 3rd day of Christmas, a story presented to you, by Doris Dayton, and a special white envelope.
  • Dec. 12th, On the 4th day of Christmas, a short story by Jackie Henley, and its all about the SNACK MIX.
  • Dec. 13th, On the 5th day of Christmas, Enjoy the Nutcracker Suite, presented to you by the, Cracked Nut Staff from NSC.
  • Dec. 14th, On the 6th day of Christmas, NSC wishes all of our December members a very Happy Birthday…..and a visit from a very special friend!!
  • Dec. 15th, On the 7th day of Christmas, a story presented by Bruce Hammer, and a Santa Claus cookie.
  • Dec. 18th, On the 8th day of Christmas, our very own Sussex Sassy Dancers, dancing to your favorite Christmas songs.
  • Dec. 19th, On the 9th day of Christmas, The Jones Boys to entertain you, and a bounti-ful Christmas Lunch to fill your belly.
  • Dec. 20th, On the 10th day of Christmas, enjoy a Christmas movie while having lunch. "One Special Night”, starring James Garner and Julie Andrews, starting at 11:30.
  • Dec. 21st, On the 11th day of Christmas, listen to the magic of the "Bells for Jesus”.
  • Dec. 22nd, On the 12th day of Christmas, a story presented to you by Leon Whitt, and enjoy cheese on a stick.

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