Celebrating 50 Years

July 2022 Newsletter

Celebrating 50 Years
To kick off our year of Celebration, we want to hear from you.

Share your story with us. How and when did we meet? Have you always lived here? Did you join us as newcomers?

In the 5 years I’ve worked here, there have been so many heart felt stories shared. Please help us share them with others. Thank you Nancy and Bill for sharing your kind words. Our cup runneth over.

Check with the Front Desk.

Soon, we hope to have an online form to "Tell Your Story".

Senior Center News

Senior Center Bits

    Christmas Season @ NSC

    December 3rd
    Seaford Christmas Parade, featuring our very own Sussex Sassy Dancers

    December 5th
    Clayton Classic Movie, (to be announced)

    December 6th
    Christmas Movie, "One Special Night” Starting at 1:00 in the Fireplace Lounge

    December 6th
    The Jones Boys, evening performance, 6:00

    December 7th
    Ocean City Lights, & dinner, leaving at 4

    December 10th
    Possum Point Players presents "White Christmas”

    December 12th
    Clayton Classic Movies

    December 13th
    Bells for Jesus, 11:30, during lunch

    December 15th
    Members Christmas Luncheon, page 10

    December 20th
    Christmas Movie, "Buttons, A Christmas Tale”, starting at 1:00 in the Fireplace Lounge

    December 22nd
    Ocean City Lights, & dinner, leaving at 4