NSC @ DC Conference

August 2019 Newsletter

NSC @ DC Conference
The week of June 17th-20th, Nanticoke Senior Center went to National Council on Aging Conference in D.C. While we were there we got to visit Capital Hill and meet with several Congressmen / Congresswomen about Policy Issues that the Senior population are worried about. The three issues of main concern:
  1. Making Medicare Low-Income Outreach Permanent: Federal programs aid our nation’s most vulnerable, low income Medicare beneficiaries to access assistance for heath programs for which they are determined eligible. These seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare generally have annual incomes below $18,090 and non-housing assets of less than $7390.
  2. Re Authorize the Older-American Act: Improve access and quality of comprehensive service to older adults in our country. Programs like Senior Community Service Employment Programs, Nutrition Services, Preventive Health, etc.
  3. Investing in Aging Services: Protecting and increasing funding for the full array of Older American Act programs, state health insurance programs, and other services for seniors’ health and economic security.
These three major issues were discussed and how congress can help implement more services.

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    Remembering Bill Slatcher
    Our membership growth began in 1972 with 750 members and today we are over 1200 members. Our vision and mission is to provide a place for members to meet and participate in leisure and educational activities that address their health, happiness and independence. We are not a daycare facility. We enhance people’s lives so that they can stay home longer. We lengthen the gap of independence. Our money comes from membership, trips, activities, fundraising and grants.

    Former Mayor William "Bill” Slatcher was instrumental in many ways to the Western Sussex County, Sea-ford Delaware community. Bill had a big heart for Seniors. He was able to guide Nanticoke Senior Center on the path where we are currently located today at: 1001 West Locust Street. The overall generosity and guidance from key people within the City of Seaford and Delaware State Officials has placed us on a successful path.

    US Census 2020
    What is a census and why is it important? Once a decade, the next Census is 2020. America comes together to count every resident in the United States. The Census provides the basis for reap-portioning Congressional seats, redistricting billions of dollars in federal funding to support your state, county, and community’s vital programs.

    Update Your Records
    WE CAN’T REACH YOU if our records are not up to date. Maybe you discontinued your landline or have changed your email address, please let NSC know of these changes so we can get in touch with you if we need to.

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