Inquiring Minds

January 2024 Newsletter

Inquiring Minds
I’ve been thinking about our Senior Center and what it really means to a lot of us. It’s a place for many of us to participate in the various activities being offered.

I’m sure there are a number of members who don’t realize our building (the Center) is 82 + years old. Your own home probably isn’t that old and yet within the walls of the Center at least 100 meals a day are prepared for Homebound Meals. That doesn’t count for the lunches prepared for us who enjoy a hardy lunch 5 days a week.  (How many meals a week does your kitchen serve?) And Mel is al-ways looking for drivers to help deliver the Homebound Meals-give the Center a call and volunteer. It just might make your day, helping those in need.

As we get older and a bunch of us sure are, our limbs have a tendency to wear out-new limbs are needed to replace the worn out ones. The Center knows all about that-heating and air systems tend to break down, wooden floors be-come "saggy” or rotten, windows and doors don’t fit as well as they use to. All comes with age and yet the Center is Beautiful, full of life eager to entertain those who enter within her walls.

It’s up to us , as members to see that and use the trash cans within the Center. Lets all take pride in the Senior Center and don’t forget to tell your friend and neighbors what a wonderful world exists within her walls.

Where else can you go and exercise, line dance, shoot pool, play games, take classes, trips, and so much more —and the cost—$50.00 a year. 

Not only are we spoiled, we are blessed too!! Until next time.

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