Board of Directors

Board Of Directors
  • President - Amy Higgins
  • First Vice President - Lora Schuler
  • Second Vice President - Jennifer Southard
  • Secretary - Nancy Dorman
  • Treasurer - Phyllis Parker
Board Members
  • Jim Bowden
  • Ed Gibson
  • Norman Poole
  • Eugene Franceschi
  • JC Willin
  • Lynn Harman
  • T.L. Wright
  • Lisa Miller
  • Cyndi Mulder
  • Celestine Dorsey
  • Jerry Dorsey
  • Deborah Forespring

  • Travis Kouts - Honorary
  • Jane Webb - Honorary

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    Exciting Adventures
    Don’t miss out on the exciting adventures coming your way. 2023 brings us many times to step out and see the world. Rather you prefer long or short, we have a trip for you. Check Newsletter or Front Office for Details.