Board of Directors

Board Of Directors
  • President - Amy Higgins
  • First Vice President - Lora Schuler
  • Second Vice President - Jennifer Southard
  • Secretary - Nancy Dorman
  • Treasurer - Phyllis Parker
Board Members
  • Jim Bowden
  • Ed Gibson
  • Norman Poole
  • Eugene Franceschi
  • JC Willin
  • Lynn Harman
  • T.L. Wright
  • Lisa Miller
  • Cyndi Mulder
  • Celestine Dorsey
  • Jerry Dorsey
  • Deborah Forespring

  • Travis Kouts - Honorary
  • Jane Webb - Honorary

Senior Center News

Senior Center Bits

    New Day Trips in 2023

    September 12, 2023
    Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA; The battle of Gettysburg marked the turning point of the Civil War. With more than 50,000 casualties, the 3 day engagement was the bloodiest battle. Take a jour-ney through time as we take a walk in the past. More info to follow.

    Coming Soon to NSC

    September 26th

    Pizza & Movie

    September 28th
    Health Fair with over 20 vendors

    October 5th
    Formal Prom, Fly Me To The Moon

    October 10th
    Craft Show, 2 to 7 with many vendors